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Eibach & Stock Springs Compatibility


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If I replaced the stock springs with Eibach Pro-kits would new stock Oem lexus shocks would they be able to handle the different spring rate of the eibach pro-kit springs. I would like to keep it as stock as possible (ride quality) and I read in the forums that the eibach pro-kits spring rates weren't too much stiffer? I would much rather change replace the shocks more often and have it lowered an inch than to have a rough of stiff ride quality with an aftermarket shock.

My other question: if a oem sc400 spring is say...eleven years old its not going to have the same characteristics as a new oem sc400 spring is it? They get worn just like the other suspension parts right? Thanks.

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oem shock with performance springs is in general not a good idea. your shocks will wear out faster. if your shocks are over a couple years old, you should have them replaced along with the springs instead of spending more money on a repair a couple years down the road.

eleven year old springs are functionally inferior to new springs. it's a spring, it can develop fatique over time.

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For the money, TEIN Basics are really hard to beat.

For a price of around $700 (can be had for a little less), you get a "basic" coilover (complete strut/spring combo). The performance springs come w/ matched performance shocks. Although this coilover doesn't have shock dampening/rebound adjustments, it does have height adjustment.

So if you are looking for performance springs, and happen to also need new shocks...this product really is hard to beat. Performance springs will tend to lower a car anyway, so w/ these coilovers...you will get height adjustment.

You'll spend nearly $200 on springs, and about $400 on shocks (assume $100 per shock, but are usually more than that). That is at least $600 right there. So while you're spending the same amount of cash, might as well get the most for your money.

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