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Stock Anti-theft System

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A couple of weeks ago, while putting something in my trunck, but before hitting the key fob to deactivate the security system and pop the locks on my '93SC4, the horn just started honking. It startled me, because there's not (suppossed to be) a car alarm as part of the security system - just the theft deterant ignition kill.

The horn just kept beeping until i finally hit the key fob. I haven't been able to make it go off again since then to see what exactly triggered it.

Has anybody else experienced this?

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I am not sure you understand the terms car alarm and security system ,they are one in the same.

So the trunk was already open when the horn started honking?

I see your point on the terminology. In that case, let's call it an anti-theft or theft-deterent system (with no alarm).

But to answer your question, yes, the trunk lid was up - but I handn't yet hit the key-fob to pop the locks. I was just about to close it when the horn started honking. I hadn't bumped the car or anything.

It's really strange also because opening the trunk is supossed to temporarily suspend the anti-theft system, until the trunk lid is closed again. Or at least that's what I thought, sense the red led on the dash stops blinking while the trunk is open.

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