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Oil Level Dropping

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I've noticed a pattern on my 92 sc400. After about 3000 miles (5000 km) the oil level has drops approx 1 quart and then the low oil level light comes on. Since this is right around the time for an oil change - I just change the oil instead of topping it up.

Does anyone else notice this type of oil level drop - and is it normal?

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What is your current mileage?

Assuming high mileage (80,000+)...and the year of the car (it is a 13 year car)...you have to expect the engine to burn some oil.

The oil seal rings aren't in tip top condition anymore. It lets more oil through. It happens. My car (93 SC w/ 120k miles) burns oil.

Burning some oil is typical (say half a quart every 2,000 miles). But if you're going through a quart every week...that is a sign that an engine rebuild is expected soon.

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3000 miles per quart of 5W-30 is normal consumption for a V8 Toyota engine that has around 125,000 - 175,000 miles and is a good sign the engine is still in real good mechanical condition. When your engine has reached 250,000 - 350,000 miles your consumption should be nearer to 2000 miles per quart which is still along way from needing an engine rebuild.

This assumes scheduled preventive maintenance is performed on time and the engine is not subjected to any kind of trauma like running low on oil, overheating, misfiring or prolonged operation with the engine's valve clearances way out of adjustment.

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I've got about 130,000 miles on it - and use castrol 5w50 synethic ...

Sounds like its still in good shape with 1 quart burning off in 3000miles - or maybe sometimes I even let it go to 4000 miles with the synthetic - but as soon as I see the low level light come on - then It's my cue to change it out ...

(wow I'm surprised to see the expectations of this engine - 250,000 miles??)

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