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92 Sc400 - Engine Cover

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Does anyone know a aftermarket supplier for the large plastic cover under the engine?  The dealers cost is $240 in Canada - and that's way too much for it's purpose.

I'd see if I could find one at a salvage yard, otherwise just keep it off. Its arguable what good it does for your car. Obviously it can help keep dust and dirt and your engine bay clean, and some people say it helps with aerodynamics under the car, which I'm sure it does to some extent, but not enough to warranty paying $240 (even canadian ;) ) for a new one.

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Its worth having on, you can find cheaper deals then $240! I check under my hood frequently, and the first few months it stayed clean with the cover on. Then it got cracked from hitting a racoon and within a week under the same driving conditions I started to hear some sand in my pulleys.

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I think it keeps my engine clean and dry even after 13 years!! However it's starting to get all chewed up and the holes are tearing towards the edges after being serviced inappropriately ...

I'm at the point where I might buy a 1/8" sheet of aluminum - maybe 24" x 36" and build a 1 of a kind aluminum cover. I think I can do it - with a few machinist contacts ... the materials may cost $100 canadian but it'll last forever and it'll still be alot cheaper than the dealers price of $240 ....

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Hey guys, here is an old post I pulled up. Any sources for an SC400 engine cover. I love keeping it on my car cause it definitely keeps the engine clean. (Haven't tried making an aluminum one yet - lazzzy)

Thanks for any sources!

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