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Windshield Wiper Washer Nozzles

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Hey guys--

I have a 98 ES300. I hate the way that the windshield wiper nozzles spray out fluid in two streams. I had an '05 ES330 recently when I had my car in for service and noticed that the new es has wiper nozzles that spray out in a mist instead of a stream. Do you know if they would be interchangeable between a '98 and an '05 ES? I know on the exterior, the wiper nozzles are larger, but as far as the cut-out in the hood, should I be able to just have the new ones painted my color, and pop them into place?

Has anyone else done this? I have the '05 nozzles in my posession, and will be going down to the body shop tomorrow to hopefully get this done. Just looking to see if it can be done. BTW - If it won't work I won't be that bummed, I only paid $8 for two complete nozzles!

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You shouldn't have a problem interchanging the nozzles on your ES. I switched my nozzles to the ones from an '03 ES, and didn't need to bring them to the body shop for paint since my car is black (universal color for all ES's). To remove the old nozzles, I used a business card and wedge it underneath the nozzle on either side. The nozzle will unclip from the hood, and you just untwist the nozzle from the windshield fluid piping. Reinstallation of the new nozzles is a snap, and only took me 10 min. A subtle but worthy mod for sure :D

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My 02-03 nozzles just came in today for my '98! I think I paid $9 per nozzle from newlexusparts.com. I'm going to install them today as well as new rear brake pads. Thanks for the "how to" lexusk8.

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Quick question- are the 02-03 nozzles adjustable? Mine seem to be spraying too low.

I don't think they're adjustable, but I understand your concern of the nozzles spraying lower than from the original nozzles. Here's a tip: If you want the fluid to be sprayed in the higher region of the windshield, you can turn your fluid and wipers on while driving at 30-40 mph.

One thing you'll notice with these relatively "new" nozzles is that they cover a wider region of the windshield, and the fine spray pattern from the nozzles is certainly an advantage :)

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