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Setting Seat Memory

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I just bought a 1999 ES300, and I can't get the seat memory to work, I do not know if it just does't work, or if I am doing something wrong. It doesn't tell how to do it in the owners manual I have. Please advise. :cheers:

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Try this.

1. start the car but leave it in park.

2. postion the seat to where you want.

3. step on the brake pedal and keep you foot there while doing steps 4 and 5.

4. press and hold the SET button on the memory selector.

5. press the desired memory button (1 or 2).

now check you work.

take you foot of the brake but leave the car in park.

using the seat controls, move the seat way out of position.

While the car is still in park, press the memory button that you programmed in step 5 above.

Did the seat go back to where you programmed it?


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This is the procedure I followed in my 98ES300 to set seat positions in my memory switch.

1. Insert the Key into the ignition.

2. Turn it to ON position (Dont start the car just on position)

3. Now make all the required changes and position your seat in a comfortable position and this is the position you want Lexus to remember when you come back :)

4. Now, press the SET button in one finger and press either 1 or 2 (wherever you want to load the current position) until you hear a BEEP sound. Remember: Both SET and either 1 or 2 should be pressed simultaneously.

5. After hearing BEEP your seat position is loaded in memory.

6. Test: Now, randomly change your seat position. Press the position button 1 or 2 (where you stored your comfy position). Your seat should go back to the programmed condition. You are done!

NOTE: While dealing with memory switches either to set a new position or to switch from 1 to 2 you have to leave the KEY in ON condition, without starting the engine.

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