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Bolt Pattern & Offset Question


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Hello, newbie here, I apologize in advance if this has been covered before. I have two questions relating to a rim & tire set i'm thinking of putting on a ES300.

First off, correct me if i'm wrong, but the bolt pattern is 5x114.3, right? So would it be possible to put a 5x115 rim on a 5x114.3 hub? I've heard of 5x114.3 rims fitting on a 5x115 hub with the addition of a centering ring to keep the rim centered on the hub. I wondered if this was the case the other way around.

Second, the rims are 17" x 8" with 255/45/17 tires with a 35mm offset. Would this width work? The tires are quite wide and i'm concerned if rubbing on the inside of the tire will be an issue.

Thanks in advance

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I did read the faq above before posting and there is not one word in there about bolt patterns, offsets or centering rings. I didn't ask about spacers, maybe you need to read the faq again.

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