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Headlight Issues

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My car developed a new glitch this weekend. That, or I just noticed it this weekend. I was cleaning out the car and leaned in through the passenger door, turned the ignition to ACC to roll up the windows, turned the car off, closed the passenger door, and locked the car with the remote. It was dark outside, so the headlights had turned on when I turned the key. I pushed the remote button twice (the first time locks the car, the second time turns off the lights). The headlights and parking lights wouldn't turn off. I tried the same procedure from the driver's side (lean in, turn the key, turn off the key, close the door, push the button twice). This time the headlights turned off. I tried several more times on both sides of the car and got the same result... the lights stay on if this is done on the passenger side; they turn off if done on the driver's side. I left the car with the lights on for about 10 minutes, and the lights still wouldn't turn off. Is the computer confused... thinking the driver is still in the car, hence the lights stay on? Does this happen on everyone's car, or is this a problem on mine? I'm sure this isn't a cheap problem to fix (if it is a problem). Any input would be appreciated. Also, if anyone else has a 2000 ES and wouldn't mind trying this on their car to see if the same thing happens, that would be awesome. :)

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You're right. The ECU's assume the driver is in the car until his door has been open and shut. Turn the key off and take it out, there is still power to some accessories (locks, windows, sometimes sunroof) until the driver's door has opened. The other doors don't count.

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