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Sirius Satellite Radio

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I have a 2005 ES330 which is "Satelite ready" or pay dealer $750. to make it work for Sirius. I called Sirius and they said the "SIR-PNR1" kit would work on my car with its Pioneer radio (and nav). I purchased the kit on ebay for about $80 and took it to the local radio shop to have it installed. The owner said that the kit would only work on radios with the standard pioneer "IP-bus" and the Lexus did not have that type connection. Is he right???? I'm still trying to find out.

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Check out

vais tech

Vais Tech integrates XM satellite radios, not Sirius. I contacted them sveral months ago and they said they would announce something soon. I don't know what their definiition of soon means.

I bought my GS3 last September and it came with Sirius already installed....using an FM Modulator. I am going to rip it out soon and put an aftermarket headunit in there. The way it is installed is through a small hole in the middle console. I dont know who did it, but it looks ok, but it is a pain in the butt to open up the console all the time OR to leave it out. I just think it could have been done better.

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