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Eliminating Cats.

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Don't know what state you are in, but you most likely won't pass inspection w/o the cat. converter. Beyond that, I have no experience removing them myself, there shouldn't be any negative side affects to you car.

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I am considering eliminating my cats.  Does anyone know if I could do it myself and if so, how?  What kind of problems could I have by eliminating my cats?

I don't know *BLEEP* about cars but.

You put the car up so you can work under the car.(standing up) you take the cats off and stick a pipe there in place and weld it in place. lol

Or i guess you can buy a straight pipe for the whole exhaust system... :ph34r:

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it depends on your laws but were i live Alberta you can and i have removed many first thing is you have to look at your 02 location if you have one affter the cat you cant remove it. if you do you will get an engin code and a very rich runing condishin wich will lead to poor fule milage and increse in carben bildup in your engin so look close you may also have more then one cat in your car. an ES300 has 2 o2 and 2 cats so you cant remove them. so if you can there are 2 ways to do it ither a cut and flare or if you are a good welder you can tag weld the pip flush and weld the seem. if you flare you can still weld the seam this helps to prevent rusting the pip out wich will occour if you just use a muffler clamp. to flare you need ither a pip bender of a flare tool. you can buy a flare tool at many tool store's wich will work with a rachet or impact. the tool should run about 30-$80 depending were you get it at.

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