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The Free Mod Series - Part 8: Cooling

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For any of us looking into custom turbocharging, there is good news and bad news.

The good news is the stock cooling system is MORE than adiquate for dealing with any amount of power the stock engines can throw out (400-500hp).

The bad news, is underhood temps itself when you install a turbo is phenominal!


Cooling fins are ugly to some, hard to setup, and quite ineffecient at cooling. There must be a way that works better while being much easier to setup.


When you open the hood you notice that there is a rubber seal that goes along the back of the hood. By removing this heat will be able to escape the engine bay. To make this a really good mod, unbolt the hood from it's brackets and shim it up using washers. Don't worry about hood lineup with the front quareter panels. You can shim the hood a relatively far way before it won't line up.



Antifreeze, depending on the formula, has a heat transfer capacity of 50% of normal water. Yes, for the uninformed antifreeze is fairly horrible at transferring heat.


A car that does not see a harsh winter should run a ratio of 30% antifreeze , 70% water, and whatever ratio Redline's Watter Wetter advises their additive to mixed with. Summer cars should use 25% Antifreeze.

You're really in luck if you can use Toyota's Red antifreeze. It has better rust inhibitors than green antifreeze. Just don't use it on Toyota engine's that don't call for it.


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