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Oem Ram Air

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Feels like it pulls better mid and top end.

You could add a connecting funnel of some sort to the front of the bumper.

And finish it completely. I'll probably do that, something from home depot should work.

First pic- how it sits in car

2nd pic-looking thru front bumper grill after install.

3rd pic-there are 2 tabs at the end, you'll need to remove to fit in there properly.

After you flip it over and shove this piece back into the air box, screw in 2 scews on top since you have to remove tabs that use to hold this piece in place.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.

Warning- one of the bolts you need to remove is a ***** to reach, best tool for this is a 10mm ratchet rench or remove headlight and it'll be alot easier to get to.

Try it can't hurt anything.

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