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Drive Shaft Replacement?


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I've read a few posts where the owner states the drive shaft in their car was replaced. I'm curious, why replace the whole thing and not just the flexible couplings and so forth? I mean, I understand if the thing is broken, but if it's a vibration issue, wouldn't the parts fix the problem instead of the whole driveshaft? If you can't tell, this and my brakes are next up on my list of repairs. Got a mean little vibration from the driveshaft. You can really feel it when you put your foot in the gas and she's winding up and putting lots of torque on the shaft.

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the only reason or time you replace a driveshaft is when you abuse the car or if it is bent, the other option is after youve change the guibo, flex coupling still got the vibration and you are sure its coming from the drive shaft then have a drive shaft shop balanced it its just like balancing your tires, they spin to so much rpms then chack for trueness and vibration, some shop will customize your drive shaft, by getting rid of the flex coupling instead replacing it by a u joint which is more rigid, but these cars rides on rubbers thats why this car is soquiet when everything is working right, :cheers:

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