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Brake "crunch Noise"


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I've really begun to notice my front brakes making a horrible noise, and a funny sound when pressed hard. It happens in motion, or sitting in park. As I press the pedle down about an inch or so of travel, I hear this clicking noise. It sounds like a cable being stretched. But pressing further, I hear this sound that sounds like a pistion firing. It's always the right one first, then the left. I really hear it when pulling into a parking place and turning the wheel while applying the brakes, it clicks like mad. I also notice when i'm going like 10 mph and I slam on the brakes, I hear and feel a clunk. All the suspension parts are brand new, including outer tie's and ball joints, so it's not bushing related and the car stops fine "as far as I can tell anyway". Any suggestions from the lords of the boards?

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My brakes make a sort of creaking sound too-a stretching cable sounds right on with my car. I can only hear it when I creep foward at stop lights/traffic/drive-thru/etc. I never hear anything while in motion though. I was told that it's something with the fitment of the brake pads and is nothing to worry about.

Slamming on the brakes + resulting clunk surely makes me think strut rods. Have you done those yet? I know your sig says you have, but I just read Jacob's thread about changing them, and it sounds as if you haven't?

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I thought the exact same thing, but yeah, they're brand new too, had the dealer do it "part of learning curve = don't do that again". I think it's the pads shifting around or something like that. Oh well, I'll just let it be until it's time to update the brake system with new pads and rotors. The rotors are getting close.

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