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Pcv Valve Replacement


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I wanted to change the PCV valve on my 2001 RX, but it is VERY tight in the valve cover.

Mine is the type that is threaded and screws into the cover.

Any hints on how to get it off. The area is rather tight and I could not get a socket on it. I tried an adjustable wrench, but was not able to get it to move.



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How about wrapping a piece of rubber (perhaps cut from an old bicycle inner tube, or maybe even one of those rubber twist-off jar lid openers) around the PCV valve and then using a pair of channel-lock pliers on the rubber surround in an effort to unscrew the valve?

Be sure to clean any grease or grime off the PCV valve first so the rubber won't be as prone to slipping when you clamp down and start turning the channel-locks....

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