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New Owner Of 92 Ls400


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my dad gave me his 92LS400 for graduation and now i'm looking make it my own. The lex. has good speed/acc. for a 170,000 car getting up to 120 was no problem but what can I do to get a lil more out of her. since she's older what should I do as a general tune-up and/or replace for newer parts under the hood?? thanks for your help

-newbie tony

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Welcome Tony! :cheers:

There really isn't too much do under the hood-I guess plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter maybe, check o2 sensors, clean throttle body, flush coolant, and change tranny fluid and filter would make a decent tune up. The main problems lay in the suspension since the bushings get old and crack in the strut rods, control arms, knuckles, ball joints, tie rods, etc. I wouldn't go to Lexus of New Orleans if you want them to do the tune-up since their service dept. is pretty incompetent. ;)

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The PIAA lights are excellent. I bought mine online at tirerack.com for something like $80. I want to say PIAA has an "authorized reseller" in Metarie somewhere. You can get the SilverStars just about anywhere-WalMart, PepBoys, Autozone, etc. They are about half price of the PIAAs, but I don't think they are as strong. They were very easy to install-it took maybe a minute on each side. ;)

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