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im going to give me ls400 1996 model to son when he gets his license in dec and hes been looking at upgrades and already bougt a wood grain wheel and now wants to upgrade his stereo system but he doesnt want to get rid of the headunit because it looks really nice with the rest of the equipment but he wants to get a bigger subwoofer and is looking at something near 10-12" by audiobahn and wants to kno if he can change out the current 8" pioneer for the audiobahn or would he have to change out the head unit along with amp and cd cahnger to get the subs in the car???

thank you to anyone who can help us out

if he can use the sub and keep the head unit is it possible to place the sub where the current sub is??

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IMMHO the sound system, either one, in the LS400 has virtually perfect balance. Were I you I would replace all of the speakers, including the sub, with upscale models but of equal diameter.

You might wantn to concentrate your upgrades to visual ones which can be more readily appreciated by your son's friends, er..."audinence".

BBS wheels, debaging, aftermarket billet grille, etc.

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