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Re-installing Car Cigarette Lighter/charger

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I had lexus dealer remove Car Cigarette Lighter/Charger in my new sc 430 so I could install XM satellite radio there. Didn’t matter at the time, because I didn’t need/want a Car Cigarette Lighter/Charger in the car. Now my new Verizon Cellphone/pda goes dead quickly and needs charge of Car Cigarette Lighter/Charger. How do a put back in a cigarette lighter and connect it to electrical. Is there kit? Lexus dealer didn’t know what to do?

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I have not worked on a SC430, so my best suggestion would be to take your car over to a local automotive upholstry shop or better yet, a reputable audio shop. They can figure out how to re-install those items back in. Of course, if you're not afraid to do it yourself...that is even better.

Most of the time, interior components are either snapped into place and/or held in by screws. Just a matter of figuring out which areas are suitable for you to apply a bit of leverage/force to snap off those interior pieces. The cigarette lighter will usually just need a wire to snap into the back of it. Pretty simple.

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