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  1. I had lexus dealer remove Car Cigarette Lighter/Charger in my new sc 430 so I could install XM satellite radio there. Didn’t matter at the time, because I didn’t need/want a Car Cigarette Lighter/Charger in the car. Now my new Verizon Cellphone/pda goes dead quickly and needs charge of Car Cigarette Lighter/Charger. How do a put back in a cigarette lighter and connect it to electrical. Is there kit? Lexus dealer didn’t know what to do?
  2. Here is a an article that answers your questions on using clay. EnjoyClay for Detailing
  3. agree. you should consider a tar remover for the job. Read this article on tar and sap removers to learn how to get rid of these pesky stains. Tar and Sap Remover
  4. Your car's wheels can dramatically enhance the appearance and performance of your automobile. Modern wheels can also present a substantial cleaning challenge as heated dust particles from brake pads bombard the wheel and bake into the finish. If left on the wheel, a phenomenon known as galvanic corrosion sets in, which will eventually destroy your wheel's appearance. To take care of your wheels, read this article Wheel Care
  5. You should read this article on www.bettercarcare.com. You should read the articles on using Porter Cable 7424 polisher and using clya. These will both help you resolve your issues with scratches. The method depends on the depth of the scratch or swirl mark. Good luck
  6. Take a read of this article on lexuscarcare that explains how to get rid of the tar. Tar Removal
  7. Having owned four black cars, I can totally relate to your dilemma. The unfortunate challenge with black cars is they do hold the heat and sitting out in the sun all day will mean you will need to apply protection more often. When trying to recommend a product to you, we need to consider your overall habits in caring for the vehicle. How frequently do you wash? Is the car protected at night? I think it sounds like a good synthetic like the NXT Tech Wax Meguair's Tech Wax would be a good choice. I have used this product myself on my black BMW and I was very pleasantly surprised at the results. As a synthetic wax, it will have more durability than a pure carnauba. Always keep an eye on how the overall condition of your finish is holding up and act accordingly. This is a good way to think year round. To get rid of the swirl marks, read this article Swirl Marks Enjoy, david
  8. I don't think we can speak to ALL dealers, except to say that before they deliver a vehicle to a buyer, they need it to look pretty darned good. Most dealers have a detailer on site who checks over the car and does the final prep work. That prep work could involve dealing with some scratches that occurred during transport, or even on their lots for that matter. Remember, scratches can be dealt with in one of two ways: cut them down or fill them. This is going to vary from dealer to dealer. I've actually seen even Honda and Mazda dealerships with on-site detailers who are contractors and I've seen beautiful work. I've seen Mercedes detailers slap something on or over a scratch to get the car out the door. Who can say? On your problem with the bumper, it's impossible for us to say what products a dealer may use. My advice would be to focus on your own situation and deal with it in a way that will satisfy you. Determine how severe the scratch is and decide how much time and effort you want to put into it, or if it's one of those you may just decide to live with. Most of today's bumpers are a high-impact plastic and are generally more difficult to buff out scratches than those on painted sheet metal, particularly if they fall on the corners. As a professional detailer, I've had considerable success, in particular with Lexus bumpers--this surprised me greatly--one would think Mercedes would respond better, so you've got a forgiving su rface there, which should encourage you. I got rid of some bad scratches and pulled an unbelievable shine from a 7-year-old ES300 bumper that had been abused. Here's what I used that worked extremely well on scratches on the Lexus bumper: Menzerna Intensive Polish Menzerna Intensive Polish followed by Klasse All-In-One http://www.lexuscarcare.com/kus-kla-10.html Are you using a buffer? If not--get one--you're going to need it eventually anyway--- and get the Porter Cable 7424--a critical tool if you really want to take care of that Lexus--http://store.yahoo.com/lexuscarcare/pc-7424-kit.html This kit comes with an orange cutting pad that you will need.
  9. In the Springtime, we get two kinds of sap: 1) Sap "mist" that generally hits just after the heavy pollen. This type of sap will often come off with a good washing 2) Blobs! - I have found that the fastest way to remove this kind of sap is with a detailing clay like The Perfect Shine clay bar a good clay lubricant Clay and Lube or detailing spray. Give the lubricant (sprayed generously) a minute or so to work its way behind the sap, then gently take your flattened (pancake) clay and and work it off the paint finish.
  10. I use Einzett Anti-Insekt + Pre-Cleaner. It is a concentrated for effortless and protective removal of insects, tar, grease, bird droppings and other stubborn contaminates from paintwork, chrome, glass, rubber and plastic. Use Anti-Insekt + Pre-Cleaner as a spot treatment before washing. Rinse your car thoroughly, then spray Anti-Insekt + Pre-Cleaner on areas that require treatment. Allow the cleaner to work for up to three minutes, then agitate with your wash mitt and wash shampoo. You can fidn it in www.lexuscarcare.com store
  11. With any new product you try, there will be a learning curve. With some products, the learning curve will be short because the product meshes with the way you are accustomed to polishing and waxing your car. In general, it is difficult to see a significant finish improvement on white and silver cars (and tints of these colors), especially if the paint is in perfect or near-perfect condition. The reason clay made such a difference is because you were able to feel it, not see it. To see a difference with white and silver you have to address the one aspect of the color your eye can detect: gloss. To improve gloss, you don't need a better wax, you need a better polish. For hand polishing, I love the Einszett (1Z) polishes. They are very easy to apply, and you see the gloss improvements at every level. For protecting white and silver, I like to use a polish/wax combo, because without a glassy finish, you won't see a difference. So, the product I reach for most is Klasse All-In-One. The polish is very fine, and the acrylic sealant makes a finely polished surface look like a mirror.
  12. This article should provide you with what you need. The Sonax Gloss shampoo is no longer available. I use the 1Z perls shampoo instead a it comes in a concentrate size and gives lots of suds. Read this article to get your steps and products. The Perfect Shine
  13. I use IZ insect and tar remover. It is concentrated for removal of insects, tar, grease, bird droppings and other contaminates from paintwork, chrome, glass, rubber and plastic. With its unique solvent properties, It cuts through dead insect remains and dried-on bird droppings.You can get it from the lexuscarcare store.
  14. I like 1Z Leatherpledge for the interior light brown leather in my lexus rx300. Einszett Leather Care (Lederpflege) is a special leather conditioning cream formulated using natural carnauba wax, silicone waxes and polymer care components to ensure gentle care of leather, interior car fittings, leather luggage and all types of finished (painted) leather. It removes dirt, grease and oil as it conditions. It penetrates quickly and deeply into the pores of the leather, restoring the natural moisture without leaving a greasy film. It protects the leather surface from becoming brittle, maintaining leather in its as-new condition. If your leather requires reconditioning, this will re-moisturize and soften moderately dehydrated hides. The final finish of your leather will be a natural matte, with a hint of sheen, just as your car came from the factory. I don't like the leathercare products that make your car shiny or slippery. Can be found in lexuscarcare IZ LeatherCare
  15. For the first 12 to 18 months of a new car's life, the paint is relatively oxidation-free and in good condition. If you maintain your new car's paint with regular washing and protection, oxidation will remain minimal, and cleaning the paint will be a minor task. At a minimum, you should wash your car weekly. Enjoy...Perfect Shine
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