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Replacement Interior Trim Pieces And Other Q's

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I recently purchased a 1992 SC400 in OK condition. A few things are broken which I would like to fix. First of all, the trim piece beloew the ash tray is broken- it doesn't stay clipped down. Also, the plastic that goes around the base of the driver's seat is split in the middle. Other things: The climate control unit LCD is broken, Antenna is stuck in the up position (needs a new motor, but how can I lower the antenna in the mean time?), door panel seems loose--the armrest assembly can pull a little off the door. Does anyone know of any solutions to any of these issues?



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I recently bought a 94 sc400 and had the same problem w/ the door... I bought some sheet metal and a pair of sheet metal shears and some epoxy... Cut the sheet metal to fit on the back of the door in the places that are broken and then epoxy them in... Also under the arm rest the two bolts that hold this section to the door are most likely broken and I on mine we took a piece of aluminum about the width of your thumb and a few inches long an drilled a hole in it and epoxied it so that it would hold together... Its only a been a few days but short of ordering an all new door panel this was the best alternative I could come up with

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