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Looking For A '99


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I'm looking for a Lex Rx 300 for my wife. Since we can only afford at most $14K I figure I'm looking at a '99 model. Also, I'm looking for one with less than 100k miles. Is this doable? From what you guys know, what are the chances of finding one of these babies in good condition with under 100k mile? Thanks.

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for the average person, in 6 years you won't put more than 75,000 ish miles on it. I get about 35k miles a year b/c of the distance i have to travel to work each day.

I'd say you have a good chance finding one with low mileage.

Are you interested in the two wheel drive, or the all wheel drive model? From my personal experience from owning 2 rx300's DON'T GET THE ALL WHEEL DRIVE. The transmission went on my 1999 rx AWD at only 79k miles!! My 03 rx i just recently sold b/c of all the other problems i had with it.

other than mine, everyone else seems to have great luck with the rx300. good luck.

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