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Toyota W/gs Body?

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hi, i dont know if this is in the right forum or not, but i really dig the lexus gs series body style but they are a bit out of my price range and ive been seeing pictures on the net of what looks like gs-series lexuses (lexii?) but with a toyota logo. heres an example:


is this really a toyota? if so, what model?

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The Lexus GS series is the American version of the Toyota Aristo. Toyota makes Lexus vehicles. The above picture is that of an GS300/Aristo with a Body Kit and Aftermarket Grill. I haven't seen that particular body kit/grill befor though. The car would be a 98-2005 Lexus GS300/400/430. The 300 is a V6, the 400 is a 4.0L V8, and the 430 is a 4.3L V8. Check out the rest of this forum and the clublexus.com forum for example of bodykits and what the car looks like stock.

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damn cant find an aristo anywhere guess im savin up all summer gs400 here i come  :ph34r:

The aristo would be nice to have because they come with the 2JZ-GTE (TwinTurbo) engine. All I have is a body and interior conversion. Haven't done the engine mod yet.

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