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  1. Location: Fort Detrick, Maryland Zip 21702 Shipping: Actual shipping costs. Payment Method: Money Order or Check(will hold until cleared), or Paypal. Brand New LEXUS GS300 93-97 SILVER REVERSE GLOW GAUGES in box(opened not used). otto racing link Price:$50 OBO (plus shipping unless you pick it up) Accel 300+ Ferro-Spiral ThunderSport Ignition Wires(blue) part number 7957B. for 1gen lexus gs300. plus free: Borg/Warner distributer cap and rotor, 6 NGK iridium spark plugs . price compare Price:$80 OBO (plus shipping unless you pick it up) TRD Radiator Cap. part number 16401-SP020.
  2. still available. I reduced the price and added a pic.
  3. For Sell: 1st Gen(93-97) GS300 "Aristo" Tail light Back Panel. Seller: XXXXXX Location: Fort Detrick, Maryland Zip 21702 Price:$65 OBO (plus shipping unless you pick it up) Shipping: Actual shipping costs plus $5 handling fee. Payment Method: Money Order or Check(will hold until cleared), or Paypal. edit: reduced price,pic posted.
  4. The Lexus GS series is the American version of the Toyota Aristo. Toyota makes Lexus vehicles. The above picture is that of an GS300/Aristo with a Body Kit and Aftermarket Grill. I haven't seen that particular body kit/grill befor though. The car would be a 98-2005 Lexus GS300/400/430. The 300 is a V6, the 400 is a 4.0L V8, and the 430 is a 4.3L V8. Check out the rest of this forum and the forum for example of bodykits and what the car looks like stock.
  5. What do you mean "rewired fromt the back of the deck"? running wire from the amp to the speakers, and then.... Can I tap into the speaker's plug?
  6. I just found out that I will need aftermarket speakers too, because the 1st gen speakers are self amplified....Hopefully I will finally have my audio upgrade finished on my 5th visit to the shop.... So to recap: need: (1)CD Player/DVD player (what ever) (1)Amp (5 channel if you can get it! Though I've been told you can use 4 ch) (4) 4''-5.25" speakers(oem are 4" and I've even heard of people fitting 6.5" in there) (1)Amp wiring kit (3) sets of RCA plugs(2 sets for cd player speaker out to amp, and 1 set for cd player sub out to amp) (~100ft) of speaker wire( for amp to 4 speakers and 1
  7. one of the turbos will hit the gs300s fireway. It will take a lot of re-working. Do a search here and on the forums.
  8. Diazen sport tuning sway bars for 98-2005 gs
  9. PS about the new leather seat skins, check the forum for a group buy. they just had one around feb I think. if you wait until then you should be able to save a couple hundred. If you can't wait until then and it doesn't have to be brand new you can try looking for some seats that are in better condition than yours at a junk yard. sometimes on ebay too.
  10. Doing any mods to the sound system is opening a can of worms. You will have to install the head unit and a new amplifier at the same time. The stock amp will conflict with the aftermarket head unit. I have a aftermarket cd player installed, and only my 2 rear speakers and sub work. Luckly I got a 5ch 880W sony amp for $87 on ebay, and getting it installed today. ALSO! They don't make a wire harnes kit for the 1st gen gs300s. Metra makes dash install kit, which can be found on ebay. I'm not sure about finding it on a internet store. The stock sub is 10", I don't know the watts, the stock
  11. There is also a thread about fixing a SC300 window either on this forum, or the forum. The SC300 window's motor and regulator is similar. It may give you some hints on how to fix it, when you know what your problem is... My window stopped working also. It goes down but doesn't go up, and the motor still works. I have already taken it apart and rewound the wire pully spool thingy(is that the regulator?), and JB Welded the broken plastic wire guides onto the regulator, and it still it doesn't work. I have to take it apart again: I think its the connector of one of the ends o
  12. That "OEM" battery probably could be bought at a auto store for ~$70, and some store will even install it for free. Though its really easy to do it yourself. That Optima Yellow Top battery that TURBOGS300 was talking about costs ~$150 and is one of the best if not THE best batteries out there. I had this problem last weekend... too bad I didn't post.
  13. It wont let me post the sh*t word so thats why it says douitashima*BLEEP*e how about this do uita shi ma shi te
  14. Do a search for Dash kit for your car in google... Or you try to replace the whole thing. Check ebay for spare parts. douitashima*BLEEP*e Tenoshii :P
  15. check out they have some dvds for purchase that has some lexus exhaust competions.
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