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  1. It sounds like either you have a bad spark plug or your idle is too low and need to be turned up a bit.
  2. What's up Kino... well I know my amp is pushing 400 watts easy and it's dedicated to my factory sub... I'll get you the specs on my head unit in a bit and let you know what's up. If you know car stereo systems... you can do it yourself. It's going to be a bit tight when running your wiring on the passenger side but either than that, a couple of hours worth of work.
  3. I've replaced my head unit with a Panasonic dvd screen and factory amp with a SONY amp. I left the original nakamichi speakers and sub. Let me tell you, they sound awesome with an aftermarket unit. I have all the speakers hooked up to my head unit and a 400 watt amp to my factory sub... it bumps pretty hard for a stock sub. So yeah, I would definately change out your head unit and factory amp with aftermarket units.
  4. Did you make sure that the package had your correct year of your car for the wiring harness? Another thing you can do is test the deck with another power source to make sure it's fuctioning correctly.
  5. Hey what's going on buddy, I have a 1993 GS and over 200K on it... I maintain my car and it still drives like a dream. Of course this is a well built engine so take care of it and it will last a very very long time. The only thing I would worry about are the driver and passenger window pillars... they tend to seperate at the top and cost about 600 bucks at the dealership. That's about it. I've replaced my starter, waterpump and alternator... and she still runs like a champ. So yeah, I'm very satisfied with my car.
  6. in photoshop, you can duplicate the layer, desaturize the copied layer and just start erasing the tail lights on the colored layer to bring out the desaturized layer... it will look smoke.
  7. The only changes are as follows: 1995: no changes 1996-97: 5-speed automatic transmission, new taillights and rear badging. and that's about it...
  8. do you think you can post up a video on this 20 min procedure?
  9. I don't think there's anything compatible with your head unit. I totally changed out my head unit and original cd changer with new parts. Got a panasonic dvd head unit and a 6 cd changer. all original speaker and sub. They still sound great.
  10. The aristo would be nice to have because they come with the 2JZ-GTE (TwinTurbo) engine. All I have is a body and interior conversion. Haven't done the engine mod yet.
  11. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... i have 203,774 and still going strong.
  12. Have you ever thought it just might be your valve springs need to be re-adjusted? You do have high mileage with your 99 GS. Or maybe the previous owner kinda didn't take care of her and let the oil run low and now your bearings on your crankshaft or worn out. Try looking into those.
  13. I said in an earlier reply about trying gorrilla glue and c-clamps. There was a memeber on here that tried that and it worked.
  14. yeah i have the same problem too. it cost 600 bucks to fix that here in san diego at the lexus dealer. you can probably fix it with gorrila glue adhesive and c-clamps if its not too bad.
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