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Is300 Brake Lifespan?


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We have a 2001 IS 300 w/ 40,000 miles. The guys at the tire shop say it needs new brakes. They are quoting $900 for all 4 wheels. I'm guessing that means pads and rotors.

Does that sound right? I can see needing pads, but should the rotors need replaced too? The car is not driven very hard.

Any advice appreciated!


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I wouldn't be surprised if it included rotors. If it did, then yes that is about right ($450 an axle).

As for rotors, very few people cut rotors anymore. They are made thinner to help bring down the weight of the car, so usually there is not enough rotor thickness left to cut or resurface and still have the rotor remaining within factory specs when the pads need replacing. It is easier just to slap on a new rotor.

Here is an idea.

Price the pads and rotors online:

www.irontoad.com, www.lexus-parts.com, www.newlexusparts.com

see how much the parts would cost if you bought them online and brought them to the shop to have the work down. You may have to find a shop that will allow you to do this. It may cut the cost a little.


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Dude, it may need brakes but it may not. Go to another shop and ask them to do a free brake inspection (go to a shop a friend knows well and can recommend). Take a look at the rotors and pads (have them show them to you).

I can't imagine you need new rotors. They should be able to turn them and replace the pads all around. That shouldn't cost anywhere near $900!

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Sounds like a rip off to me. I'd have another shop check the pad thickness and report back to you how much pad life is left.

Toyota rotors in my experience last about 3 times as long as the Toyota pads and both the rotors and pads last 50-75% longer on manual transmission cars vs. automatics.

Rotor wear is measured with a micrometer. Here's an extreme, but true case of Toyota rotor durability capability: http://www.saber.net/~monarch/rotorthick.jpg

A tire shop is also going to use aftermarket pads which Toyota says can wear down the Toyota rotors more quickly.

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