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Car Shaking When Its Cold

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Sup guys, i have a lil problem with my car, when i start my car and its cold outside the car shakes and the gas/rpm goes up and down then when its warm everything becomes normal, i spoke to one of my friends and he told me it could be the spark plugs is that true?.

and when the car is cold and shaking there is this peace right in back of the pulley (i pointed it out on the attched pic) that shakes a bit when the car is cold.

let me know if u have any comments. :(


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At cold startups, the engine doesnt run normally and shakes because the car tries to adjust to the temperature before warming up.

This is normal, but if it is bad, maybe you should get a tune up on your car. Thats what I recommend.

thanks fo the reply, but the shaking that the car is making is not normal, it sounds like its gonna shut off then it comes back normal till its warm then its ok after. But it only dose that when i dont drive it for a day or 2 or its cold outside. :ph34r:

but this happens only on the first 2-3mins when im warming up the car.

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When was the last time that you had the fuel system cleaned?

Some times, sediments in your fuel system (the tank) settle during long periods of time. When you start up your car,...these sediments may get sucked up against the float/filter that is in your fuel tank.

As much as Lexus technicians may claim that the filters are lifetime...it isn't that hard to change out the fuel filter for a little bit of assurance. Also, Toyota has a SUPER high concentrated bottle of fuel system cleaner for roughly $15 (I think). Dump it in your fuel system. I would also advise against letting your fuel run close to the bottom.

Regarding the shaking along that particular pulley,...I would advise that you check the tension of the belt, as well as the condition of the belt itself. If you belt is tensioned too tight, I can envision why there could be startup problems until the belt gets warm enough to expand.


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thx for the reply guys,

i went to the garage and the problem was

when its humid outside the humidity goes into the spark plugs wires

so i have to change them and change my spark plugs.

the car is ok now, we had a crazy rainy week here in Montreal so i think that was the problem cause now the car is normal again.

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