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Ls400 96 Check Engine On And Track Of Is Blinking


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We just bought (21Apr05) LS400 1996 with 128,700K and although it checked out good (one owner, service records, etc.) it gave us the first problem.

After my 5 year old with my wife played in the cockpit for ~ 20min (my son is autistic and enjoyed to see bright colors on instrument cluster along with pressing buttons on the radio) the car did not want to start. Although it did started second time it sounded like battery was week. After a short drive on the interstate and stopping at the light the car shook briefly and it went but lights came on: Check Engine and Track off (blinking)

We went to AutoZone to check out codes and it showed that 4th cylinder misfired.

The clerk said that car might need a tune up.

Any advise to the lay man with no experience? We appreciate your help.

Many thanks,

Ross in Michigan


I did unplug the battery to clear computer memory so right now it looks good.

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well check the service record when the car had the last tone up, and if it was within the 60k miles interval you are all good, if the light is going to come back with the same code then check your spark plugs and distributor system.

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