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Wax Is Wax?

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After my detailing experience today, I am even more unsure about wax and polish products. I have a 2000 ES300 in Cashmere Beige, and today it received its second wax job.

When I bought the car last November, it was delivered in beautiful condition both inside and out. However, being somewhat of a detailing nut, I bought some Zainos product for the first time and gave it a shot. After using Dawn, claying, one coat of Z5 and three coats of Z2, the car came out a little shinier, but not much. I don't think this is the fault of the Zainos product because the car was very clean to begin with. There simply wasn't much improvement to be made.

Today, because I felt a little lazy, I left the Zainos in the cupboard and pulled out some Meguiar's Gold Class Paste Wax that I had purchased some time ago. The Meguiar's is a "one-step" product, so I figured this would be the way to go for a quick wax job. A couple of hours later, the job was done. It looks very good.

So, my confusion stems from the fact that I can't figure out how I am getting about the same results from Meguiar's and Zainos. Price wise, you would think that the Zainos should be superior, but I have not come to that conclusion.

There are several possible reasons for this, and maybe more:

1. The Cashmere Beige color does not respond well to waxing. Maybe it's not dark enough?

2. The paint is already in great shape, and whatever I use won't make a significant difference.

3. Wax products are created a lot more equal than I thought.

Anyone have the same thoughts or experiences?



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One thing is the color, its hard to get a lot of "pop" out of a color like that.

The main thing though is your approach, a last step product, especially one like Zaino, will only look as good as the prep you put into the paint. The way we all get the results we get is through proper cleaning, claying, compounding, and polishing to create an optically perfect (or as perfect as something driven can get) paint surface, THEN top it with wax. In a lot of ways you're right, the differences in last step products are very subtle.

Wax itself wont make a car look a lot better, its the work that goes into the paint BEFORE its waxed.

That make sense?

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Please remember, Zaino is a sealant, not a wax. It affords a great deal more and longer protection, but on a really clean surface (and preparation is at least 90% of the end result), the initial result from a one step will be a very similar appearance, particularly on a lighter colored car. But the protection will not last nearly as long. I use Z 2 and quick detail frequently with Z 6 (until my current supply runs out and I get the new Z 2 PRO and Z 8) . My Silver LS430 looks great, but my red Reatta and Black Excalibur look outstanding after being Zaino'd. And you shouldn't have to Dawn and clay more than once or twice a year max if the car receives reasonable cleaning and care and/or is garaged.

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