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Leftover Transparent Type Swirl Marks From Wax

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Yesterday I applied Mcguires scratch remover, then polish and finally wax. I don't rememember exactly what they are called, but it is standard stuff they carried at Advanced Auto from Mcguire. I used terry towel to apply and remove during all 3 processes. I was very happy with the results and took some pictures which I will share in the ls400 forum probably tomorrow.

But this morning when I took the car in the sun I noticed leftover transparent type marks which I think are probably from wax :-( . I was very careful to remove all the stuff yesterday and thought everything came off but I see transparent marks at some places at some angles especially under the sun.

Do you think these marks will eventually wear off after a while, maybe after undergoing car washes? Or do I need to take a terry towel and go through buffing again which will be pritty painful since I'm all sored up from hours of working on this :-D It is a silver car so marks are not very visible, but I can't stand these and it is bothering me a lot.

If you have any suggestions or tips to get rid of these ugly marks please share.


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I think the problem is the terry towel, if you switch to microfiber you'll have less chance of marring and have a more complete wipe. I'd pick up some good MF towels and wash the car again being sure to buff the areas well. Its probably just wax residue.

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