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Quick Question Regarding Different Exhaust

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Hello guys,

New guy here from NY with 2000 GS4. I am looking for a couple of exhausts for my ride. I read a couple of threads with regards to this. I was wondering, why at some websites they say Borlas are cat back, they are not, it is only a rear section and why would you go from a stock true dual exhaust to one that is split at the end with one muffler? Not critisizing it's a very nice looking exhaust.

Also, I was thinking about either an Apexi WS2, L-tuned or Tanabe; can anyone tell me if these all would fit no problem with a stock rear apron and bumper? If so do they stick out a lot or at all? Which are the louder of the bunch?

Sorry for all the questions but I wanted to get a true cat back exhaust that would fit my stock rear apron (Exhaust cut outs) and still be pretty flush with the bumper. Thanks for all the advise in advance - you guys know your sh$t. Oh yeah, by the way does anyone have a RMM exhaust?


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Out of the ones you listed, only the Apexi and theTanabe are cat back. The L-Tuned, RMM, and Borla are not.

The Tanabe, L-Tuned, and the Borla will fit nicely with the OEM bumper. The L-Tuned and Borla should be flushed but the Tanabe will extend just a little.

The RMM and Apexi will stick out.

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Thanks for all the help guys, by the way is the Tanabe real loud and is there "droning" at low constant RPM's? I might look into the Tanabe. Any input on this exhaust would be great!

Oh yeah, I was thinking, is their ANY difference at all with regards to low end torque (acceleration) in a cat-back exhaust from just a rear section exhaust. In other words which exhaust would affect the low end torque the most. I'm guessing the cat-back, is this correct?

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