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92 Ls400 Nakamichi

LS400 Trueno

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A couple of questions:

Do you have the phone transceiver, located behind the tool panel in the trunk?

Do you have the Nakamichi door speakers? Not the big black plastic housings, just the 4" speakers.

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i'll take a look for the reciever, can you tell me the specific area of the trunk to look, so i dont' destroy the liner, and also, the speakers, are tiny, i don't even think they are 4" in my door, their like 2.5 or something, alpine front and RF rear, so i assume the previous owner changed it..

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In the trunk, it is behind the left panel, the one that has the tool kit door. The whole panel will have to come out. The manual says there are four screws in the tool box compartment that attach the panel.

The phone unit should be easy to recognize with the larger coaxial cable going to it (other end went to the antenna). When removed, the electrical connectors should go back together, bypassing that unit.

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