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No Check Engine Light


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While driving my 92 sc400, the engine die in the middle of the road. I waited for 10 minutes then start the engine and drove home. I have a gut feeling that something wrong with my car, then I try to restart the car, it won't start. I notice that there is no more Check Engine light. Before, when I have the key to 'ON', the check engine light turn on for a few seconds, but now there is no check engine light at all. I replace new bulb for the check engine, but still no go. Now my car won't start, and I can't get the check code since there is no check engine light. There are electric in the car, the fuel line does have fuel.

Does anyone out there know what does it mean when the check engine light totally go out?. Thanks

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Check the EFI fuse under the hood.

Thanks for you help, it was the burnt EFI fuse. I probably miss jumped the diagnostic ports in the first place.

I have another problem, the diagonstic code is 78 - bad fuel pump control. This is the third time I have this problem. The first time I replaced with a junkyard 92 SC400 (~90k miles) fuel pump ECU, that last ~6 months (20K miles). The second time I replace with a 94 SC300 (60K) fuel pump ECU. That last for 5K. This just my bad luck or does the fuel pump ECU life time that short?. Anyone have any suggestion for long last fuel pump ECU?. Thanks

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