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Rx300 Bug Deflector


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I really think bug deflectors work great!! At least some of them....when i sold my 99 rx in 03, the front hood area had a TON of chips and splatters. On my 03 i bought a bug deflector for it. I had it on for a week but a rock cracked it on the highway!! Saved me a LOT! I later looked into it more and decided to get a polished stainless steel grille guard. It covers the front lip of the hood and looks very more appealing in my opinion. Also it has a lifetime warranty :P It also won't crack under pressure.. HaHa :lol:

And i got my bug deflector from the dealer. They had a list of options in a magazine thing, while i was waiting @ the dealer.

Vwry good option i think everyone should get one if they want to keep the front looking great!

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Would you mind to share how much you paid for the bug deflector?  Is the one from dealer better than others from after market brands?  Thanks!

The bug deflectors are pretty much built the same way, except for looks and size. I'm sorry i don't remember the exact price for it. it wasn't expensive at all.

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