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Rx400h Color Distribution


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I don't have the breakdown of leather color combos, but this is what I was able to jot down after a conversation with a dealer today:

18% Savana

10% Flint Mica with black interior

10% Flint Mica with gray interior

14% Silver

10% Black

12% Bamboo Pearl

15% White

4% Neptune

The remaining will be interior combos within these color options.

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If the interior to exterior color pairings are the same as for the 330, then Savanna is always ivory,

Flint Mica gets black or grey

Millenium silver gets black or grey

Black can have any of the three interiors

The rest get grey or ivory

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Yes, I believe they are the same combos. I also heard today that each dealership will receive one "test-driver" on or around April 18th.

Needless-to-say, I am eager to try one out! :D

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I just finished speaking to a very courteous Lexus salesperson and manager and found out that my RX400h is due to be delivered on April 25th. I was even given the VIN number! Out of the 14 people who were above me on the list, only one picked the same color that we did - Bamboo Pearl. A couple of people picked "any color" and the majority picked Savanna Metallic.

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Congratulations Rx400H and welcome to the VIN number club!

I guess we are in with the majority on our color selection. Summers up here get pretty hot so a light color is nice.

Is the Lojack a dealer added thing? No one has mentioned it to us so far.

Less than two weeks now if ours arrives on time.

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Thanks, Patt!

Yes, Lo Jack is a dealer-installed option. Another DIO is a GPS system that allows you to track the whereabouts of your vehicle by going online and viewing a realtime map. If your vehicle is stolen, you can track its wherabouts and call the police. If your kid borrow the car, you can not only track its whereabouts, but can also prevent it from being started after it is shut down. With a Lo Jack installed, only the police can track your vehicle. Although both cost about the same to have installed ($1000 or so), the GPS retreival system requires recurring costs (from what I hear).

I will be getting a list of available dealer-installed options soon and may post them for others to see. And no, I will not be getting any $1200 Teflon coating option!

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