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Passenger Side Window

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The passenger side window of my 98ES300 can go down by depressing the passenger window switch but it cannot go up. However everything works well from master control switch on the driver side. Any insights?

What is the best way to remover the wood trim enclosing the switch and what to look for in order to determine if something is wrong with the switch.

Pulling the switch up doesn't roll up the window.


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I think the switch is broken. Either the switch itself or the button that activates the switch is broken. The woodtrim panel can be pryed to remove it. Previously my 97 ES300 had similar problem. The driver side window could auto go down but could not auto go down. It turned out to be that the pushbutton was broken at its hinge and so it could not activate the auto-up switch.

To remove the woodtrim panel, please see the links below:



Hope the info. helps

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