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  1. Oh! I actually own a copy of that Haynes manual. I bought it from Amazon a few years ago. I did not realize it contains the information and I've forgot my owning a copy of it until you mention it. Thanks for reminding me of that. LOL I'm now out of town and will take a look at it when I get home. Thanks!
  2. Hi BoaR, thanks for your response and the information. By sound quality I mean the details of vocal and the sound of musical instrument, not the booming power. My car is a 97 model and I believe the stock amp is a Pioneer. Do you think the stock Pioneer amp will sound better than a Sony headunit's speaker output? Thanks again.
  3. Paul, thanks again for your responses. I am looking for better sound quality. Since the wires of the stock amp have been cut by the previous owner, I am wondering if it is worth the effort in figuring out the wiring and re-connecting the stock amp for the rear door speakers. It somebody had experience with it and thinks the stock amp is of lower sound quality than the head unit output, then I will probably not spend the time in making the stock amp work again. However, if the opposite is true then I am willing to spend the time.
  4. What type of improvement are you trying to get? More/deeper bass? Smoother bass? Louder, more pronounced mid-range? More intense treble or smoother highs? More punch? Kindey punch volume? What model/year Lexus do you have? My experience has been with the standard premium system from the factory is that the amp is under powered compared to a custom installation of a 20 year old but not bad for an old geezer like me. The weak link in the Lexus sound is the door speakers and the sub. I have a seperate sub in the trunk running of an Alpine amp. This gives me nice surrounding, smooth bass that f
  5. Hi, I am using an Alpine F250 amp to power the front speakers and the sub-woofer. Rear speakers are powered by Sony head unit. I am thinking about using the stock OEM amp to power the rear speakers instead using of the head unit's output, but am not sure if there will be any improvement. Any comments? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I changed the fuse, but it did not fix the problem.
  7. Very likely to be related to IACV. Cleaning likely to fix the problem.
  8. All of a sudden the 12V power to cigarette lighter socket of my 97 ES300 was cut off when I was using an electric air pump which was taking power from the cigarette lighter socket. I thought it was caused by a blown fuse so I took out the 15A fuse labelled "cigar lighter" to inspect. It looked intact. I replaced it with a new one anyway, but still no power to cigarette lighter socket. I looked inside the socket to inspect the metal contacts, they looked fine. Any suggestions on where else to look at? Thanks in advance.
  9. My car is having the whirling sound after a timing belt change. Can it be the timing belt not up to spec, or the tension of the pulleys or something like that being too high? If so, is the tension adjustable? Thanks
  10. 97 ES300 speaker grilles are not removal. You need to remove the door panel to reach the speakers.
  11. I cleaned my IACV without removing it. Just sprayed lots of throttle body cleaner deep into the little cavity in front of the throttle plate until it overflew. Repeated this several times until the cleaner overflown looks rather clean. Hope that helps.
  12. This is a common problem and can be fixed easily with no or little cost. The IACV is dirty and needs cleaning. The dirt blocks air intake during idling, causing the stall. IACV stands for Idle Air Control Valve. There is a cavity just in front of the throttle plate in the air intake path, which is the opening through which the IACV supplies air during idling. To clean the IACV, I sprayed lots of throttle body cleaner in the cavity until it overflew. The overflown liquid was dirty black. I repeated this process several times until the cleaner overflown becomes clear. You can search the forum
  13. Mike, there are lots of discussions on this topic in this forum. The fixes are various, some are as simple as lubricating the bump stop. You can find lots of posts if you do a search. My 97 ES300 did the same thing. I was able to fix it by spraying silicone lubricant from the top of the suspension mount. It has been 2 months and the noise has not come back. Please see my post below for your reference.
  14. No, and NO. You can't make it any cleaner than those 800F exhaust gasses do. Thanks for the info.
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