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2004 Rx330 Extended Warranty


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I bought my extended warranty through Lexus at time of new purchase for about $1300 I think. The only reason I bought it is because they offered a $1200 refund at the end of 7 years if I hadn't made a claim on it. This warranty covers me for 7 years or 100K miles, and a zero deductible if I go to Stevens Creek Lexus here in the South Bay (where I bought the RX). The warranty is also transferrable if I choose to sell the vehicle.

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Most independent automotive analysts will tell you that purchasing an extended warranty is usually a waste of money. That said, there's no doubt that the RX series suffers from more than its share of serious and costly problems including transmission failure, rear oil seal failure, cracked exhaust manifolds, and prematurely-failing oxygen sensors.

My preference has always been to refrain from purchasing an extended warranty and instead to tackle the problems head-on, fully researched and informed, with the service manager. My wife's 2000 RX300 AWD has suffered from all of the aforementioned problems, some within the warranty and some beyond the warranty, and I have a 1.000 batting average with my local Lexus dealership in getting these problems repaired with absolutely no cost to me other than my wife having to drive the vehicle to the dealership and pick up her loaner car for the duration of the repair.

If you are meticulous about providing the necessary routine maintenance, researching your vehicle's problems as soon as they occur, and demanding the long-term quality that you expect from Lexus, then save yourself the purchase price of an extended warranty and enjoy the process. You'll save a hell of a lot of money in the long run.

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If you're getting the Lexus Extra Care warranty $1900 is a good price.  I believe it retails for about $2400.

To rchan87, can you tell me what model year car and kind of car that you purchased the $1300 extended warranty? Also, was this the manufacturer extended warranty or a third party warranty?


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