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Rear Door Lighting

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Hi... Just bought 98 gs400 2 weeks ago. Just discover this afternoon that : when I open any rear door on the car, neither of the front dome light nor the small white light at the bottom of each door is working.

So after reading here, I found how to remove the door small plastic lens. I tested the small bulb and it is working good, from a spare battery.

So it seem that the problem is "no current". I also checked in the owner manual for somekind of a fuse or relai for all this, but didnt find nothing constructive. The electric windows are working well and roof light at the near top of the door beside the top door handle his working.

I couldnt find either any kind of switch around the door like in ls400 1992 : there was some black rubber boot with the switch underneat.

Could it be both of my door switch defect ????

Is there someone here who had the same problem ???

Any advice is welcome


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I believe most of the newer vehicle have the door switch built into the latch mechanism. It's very unlikely they both went out, it's too much of a coincidence. I'd check to see if the wire was cut. I don't believe it's a cbest setting. Most time the switch triggers a module which turns on the lights. So the switches may not show any voltage or very little. <_< B)

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TurboGS300, I have been trying to send you an email all night. for some reason it keeps giving me an error and it also wont let me PM you, do you have to be a gold member for this....haha gold member...funny movie, anyway. I was wondering about your intake, what year your car is and all that, i have a 1996 GS300 and was wondering if the intake would work for my car, i need more horsepower to keep up with my friends WRX. Probably will still fall behind, but once the GS gets up to speed, it i love this car. anyway, if you can PM or even better email this information would be great.


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The door light switch is in the lock. It sends a signal to the door module (inside the door) and inturn sends a signal to the interior light on that side, in the rear of the car. The front lamp should not light. Each rear door lights the lamps on its respective side of the rear interior only. If the bulbs check good (continunity or simply with a battery) then the switch is bad. If you open the door and jiggle the latch mechanism on the edge of the door with a screwdriver, you can sometimes make the light work. If this is the case, you need a latch assembly.

About $215.00 here at our favorite online parts place. If you're reasonably mechanical, you can put it in yourself. It's a matter or removing the door panel, removing the latch assembly, reverse to install. Typically Japanese.

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this is quite a common fault on UK vehicles. I guess it is because the rear doors aren't used very often and the switches 'stick'

Only real cure is to replace the lock assembly, which can be a pain to remove from inside the door.

If you open the door do you get the warning light on the dashboard? If it does light then it is probably just a problem with the bulbs in the door.

If it doesn't light then it is the door sensor - the security system also uses this so you could break in via the rear doors and the alarm would not go off.

UK vehicles have a microwave interior detector as part of the security system so it isn't too much of an issue - hopefully that is fitted to US vehicles as well?

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