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I phoned lexus (1-800-lexus) to inquire about the brake booster problems with the 04 RX 330. I was informed that they are still working on it, and have not initiated a recall, but said I could get technical service bulletins by calling 800-424-9393.

I called that number; was told that those bulletins were available for $38.23 per hour; which covered copying costs, said some bulletins were 300 pages (I doubt that) This is not a Lexus site, but a national sight for all automotive bulletins.

Does anyone know (USA ) how to obtain Lexus service bulletins?

I am getting totally different answers to the brake booster problem, depending on which dealer I talk to. some say all 04's have the problem (only a strong person can stop the car if the booster fails), and others say there is a cutoff VIN after which the boosters are OK. Any answers out there?

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I signed up for a year's worth of tech info on my '99 RX300 through -- about $25 the first year. That includes access to all TSB's + a lot of other stuff. I have no idea if the brake booster TSB is in there at this point.

You won't get any extra details on the TSB besides what's published.

You might be able to go to a local dealer and see their copy. It shouldn't be more than a couple pages.

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