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What a great site! I have used the Jaquar site at MotorCars Ltd. out of Texas for the last several years to answer many questions and never gave a thought to a Lexus club??? Anyway, we currently have a 91 & 96 LS400 w/188K & 90K respectively. The 91 is starting to show its' age but has been a tremendous auto. I read the posting on replacing the temp & clock and was able to remove mine in less than 10 minutes (never happen with my Jag) and after checking ebay for the repair kits and reading what is involved with soldering 45 pins, etc. I decided to get a remanufactured unit from Jim Walker in Northern California for $215.00 and a core charge for my old one. Mr. Walker seems reputable, has anyone ordered from him? Is there a better deal somewhere else?

Also, i read several posts on the hood strut issues - not quite sure where to go with this - tried removing one on my 91 - not quite sure how much pressure to apply, etc. - what is the best way to remove? Any help on these matters greatly appreciated


Steve in San Diego

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Hood struts? As in the hood supports? Those actually unscrew. I woulnd't try to pull the socket off the ball - it's on there really tight. If you order new supports, they come with the balls that screw into the hood and the body. They're 12mm if I remember correctly.

In regards to Jim Walker, I've heard nothing but good things. However, based on my join date, you can probably tell I haven't been around all that long. I'll let the others comment on his services.

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If you're looking for LCD stuff I've got it all here:

It's going to be hard to get a better deal on a remanufactured CCU. With only two part choices available, Jim's and the Denso part, they jack up the price for a tiny LCD screen :( . I've had one of Jim's screens in my car for well over a year now and it has survived two Minnesota winters. Yes, he is reputable.

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