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Tapping Power By Fuse Box


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anyone have instructions for tapping power from fuse box? I want to hard wire a Valentine One, no issues running wire from fuse box to where I want to mount the detector, but having issues getting power and ground. Any suggestions appreciated.


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Professional installers sometimes use special "spade" connectors that they force into the fuse socket with the fuse. In my first LS, one of these spade connectors kept the fuse box cover under the dash from fitting securely. Also, when I deinstalled the particular phone kit for which it was used, I found that the spade connector had damaged the fuse socket.

I was too lazy (and old) to wiggle under the dash to hook up the power wire for a phone kit in my current LS last year so I had a professional installer T-tap connect it to a wire leading into the ignition switch. I connected the ground wire to an existing bolt on the fire wall.

There is always the ashtray lighter wiring you could tap into. I don't know about your GX but I can pop off the console wood on my LS and get to this wire in less than 30 seconds. Before I decided to throw my radar detector away many years ago, I considered connecting it to a power wire leading to the overhead lights near the rear view mirror of my 90 LS and running the wire forward under the headliner to where the detector was mounted on the windshield.

I've found that driving without a radar detector is so much more enjoyable - much less stressfull - should have thrown mine away years earlier.

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