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Belt Tension ?


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I have a 95 SC400 and have just had the serp. belt replaced during a 90K service. The belt is the correct part # and size according to the belt manufacturer (Bando) but the auto tensioner is way off the scale thats stamped on the tensioner. It looks as if the belt is to long for this engine. If the proper tension is to be in between the marks on the tensioner, mine is now about 1/4 in. past the mark on the right. The belt squeels on start and rattles at idle. Does anyone know the proper belt length for this engine? the new belt is 2275mm or cm not sure. While the shop had things torn down for the timing belt, could theyhave moved something on the rebuild to cause the tension to change on the drive belt ? Does anyone know the part # of the correct belt for this car ? Thanks in advanced, Jeff

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UPDATE: I took back to sevice shop and they ordered another belt for a 95 SC400 and then I also had them get one for a 98 SC400 (5mm shorter). The belt for a 95 is still to large and the smaller belt for the 98 model fits perfect between the marks. SO, does anyone know how I would identify what year engine is in my lexus ?? I'm real confused now.

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