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Chrome Rim Care?

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Hey guys ... great section of the boards!

What would you recommend I use on my OEM chromed 18s to clean them? Do I have to worry about getting any certain car wash soap on them as well? How about any cautions against getting spray tire care on them?

I thought someone said you could wax them as well to provide a little more protection ... is that OK?

I'd love any other suggestions! Thanks a lot!

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If they are OEM Lexus chromes, meaning they came from the factory then you can use anything on them you can use on the paint as they are clearcoated ;)

They don't come from the factory chromed ... the dealership sends them somewhere to be chromed. The whole exchange program.

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They actually do come from the factory chromed, Lexus just doesn't ship chromed wheels to certain areas of the country. Lexus can order you factory chromed wheels they're just very expensive, so expensive they usually don't offer it as an option. In FL and CA for example almost all Lexus' come stock with factory chromes, you can find them on ebay if you look hard enough. The Factory chromes are MUCH more durable than rechromes.

So, yours are re-chromed which means they are much more delicate and not clearcoated. I'd use a nice gentle metal polish followed by a high quality wax or sealant.

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