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96 Es300 Performance


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:blushing: sry i already looked at the faq just wanted to know if there were other things......................... o and in the faq it says that u can put the headlights in an oven....... dont want to sound like a losre but .............temp? and what does it mean by u can remove the amber lens-does it have a clear one or shud u buy a clear one?? AND what is this thing with ram air......... i know it says in the faq that "short ram" and a regular intake wont increase performance but what about the ram air conversion kit from weapon r?
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dude... all it takes is a simple search, but if you wanna be lazy about it.


that should give you some info. NOW READ

the weapon R stuff is bull *BLEEP*. some people say it works but the physics makes not sence. there are tons and tons of post on everything your asking. Youve been told once to read the faq's already, now do a search before posting redundant questions.

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