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Cel Code P0136


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(P0136 = Bank 1 Sensor 2)

I have already searched this and found conflicting results. Does anyone know for sure which O2 sensor this is? I don't mean to be rude but please don't tell me what you think. Tell me what you know.

Elazar, I just found your updated post from a while back. Sounds like you had the same problem. Did you fix it yourself? If so how difficult was it?

Can anyone give me any tips on changing this myself?

Thanks so much for your help.


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since you don't mention the year of your ES in your demographics or in a signature I will assume that your ES has the more common engine (1MZFE).

read this



doesn't seem to be any conflict there.

Bank 1 Sensor 2 is underneath the car in the curved pipe. You can get it for less than a benji on the web. Look at the pictures that I posted in both threads.


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Sorry, it is a '95.

You have to admit those posts are a little confusing. The first one doesn't mention P0136. and the second one starts off talking about bank 1 sensor 1 and later in the post you actually apologize for the confusion.

But thanks for the picture. You're right once you get to that point it's pretty clear. I just wanted to be sure.

Is it fairly easy to change once you've got the car jacked up?

Thanks again,


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you will learn that you have to read WHOLE thread, not just the posts that highlight the word that you searched on.

Keep in mind that each sensor can have multiple codes associated with it.

yes it is easy to change.

Make sure the exhaust has cooled off. Hit the base of the sensor where it threads in with some WD40 or some liquid wrench and leave it for a few minutes. Hit is again with a second application. While you are waiting, you can follow the wire back to the coupling and disconnect the wire carefully. It is a common clip lock type electrically connector. Use the new one to get an idea of what you are in for. You have to reach up by the exhaust pipe.

You will need an O2 socket to get the old one off and the new one on. This type of socket is about $15 at Autozone, they may even rent them. It has a slit in it so that the wire won't get smushed or crimped.

When the new one is connected and secure, once you start the engine and the new signal is transmitted, the CEL should go out on its own.


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