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5-speed In 97-2001?

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I'm almost positive Lexus discontinued the manual transmission option in 1996 for the ES300, but maybe I'm wrong? Has anyone ever done a swap and installed a 5-speed in a second generation ES300? I imagine such a thing would be possible, since a 5-speed was still available in the Camry during those years (right?). I currently drive a 98 Maxima 5-speed that I've owned for about 2 years, and I love it a lot, but it's a base SE, and I'd like to possibly move up to something a bit more luxury. The only thing is I swore that my next car would most definately not be FWD or auto trans... but if I like it enough, I could deal with the FWD as long as it has a nice manual trans.

SO... my choices are slim (well, choices are usually slim for those of us who prefer to shift our own transmissions) and it's unfortunate that a 5-speed wasn't offered in the 2nd gen ES300. I like the first gen well enough, but I certainly don't want to go from a 98 to a 96 (or older). I test drove an SC300 5-speed, and I know that ridiculous power can be had from the I-6 with proper Supra mods... but I just didn't like the car all that much. Plus I like to have a usable back seat, something the SC definately doesn't offer.

Anyone got any info they could share with me??



Chicago, IL


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For the ES 92 and 93 was the only years that Lexus made the manual transmission. I would assume that you could change from a automatic to a manual. I'm not to sure with that, but i am sure that someone will probably chime in and let you know.

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