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  1. Thank you guys and girls so much. Kelly, I really like the poem. Thank You! Your dogs are so beautiful. Magnus, Thank you! Animals become your family members and 20 years is a long time. I am very sorry about your loss as well. Blake, Thank you so much! I remember when you lost Rosie. I remember thinking how bad i felt for you and when i lost Buddy i thought about you. Thanks! I thought that i would post a pic of my babies together. This is my fav one.
  2. den Thank you so much! You guys are great!
  3. Steve, Thank you! JIBBBY, Yes i will get another dog. Right now i have a Doberman so i don't know when i will get another one. I do know one thing there will never be another dog like Buddy. Buddy was my baby and he was definitely one of a kind. I love animals and the way that i look at it is that if i get another dog then that dog will have a great life. There life is short, but in that time they will be treated great and they will be loved very much and in there short life they will be happy and well taken care of. Yes, i will probably get upset and cry over every loss, but at least they was happy while they lived with me. indiasfinest, It's cool!
  4. Thank you guys so much. dcfish, Your dog Zuni is so beautiful. He reminds me so much of Buddy right after a new hair cut.
  5. Hi guys. I know it has been awhile since i posted anything, but i never have time to really do anything anymore. I just lost my dog Buddy and i really wanted to post it. We had him for over 11 years and he was our baby. We loved him sooo much. He was a part of our family. We are all so sad. He had a heart murmur and for about a month now he has been really sick. He just had surgery on his teeth and he did really well. There was a very big chance that he wouldn't make it threw surgery, but he did. He was a fighter. He was at the vet a lot this month and i felt so bad cause he really hated the trips there and back. He was so sweet. Our Vet tried so hard to keep him alive. He is a great Vet. Buddy passed away on Sunday and i called our Vet on his cell and he had us meet him at the clinic. Of course by the time we got there Buddy was already gone. He had fully passed about 5 min. into the drive there. It is so hard to lose a pet. He was like one of my children. We are having him cremated so that we can have him with us all the time. I don't own my home so i just want to take him with me when i go. I just needed to talk about it. Well write about it. I can't sleep cause for the last month i didn't sleep much cause i had to keep getting up to check on him and i am still getting up and checking on him. It's like a habit now. Thanks guys for listening to me.
  6. lol That was funny :D Thanks for the laugh!
  7. I am so sorry to hear about this Josh. RIP Pops My prayers are with his family.
  8. Welcome to LOC :) Post some pictures. We love to look!
  9. Josh, Sorry that i didn't get to congratulate you sooner (i was laid up with the flu). Anyway i would like to say Congratulations to you and Meghan. I wish you both the best of luck. ;) Congratulations!
  10. When i first bought my car i searched (I can't remember what search it was, Old age, you know! LOL jk) to find out some info on it and that is when i found LOC. I think that it is great here and i am very happy that i found it.
  11. I agree, why would you buy an ES? Why not a SC or a GS or even a IS? I don't understand people who go out and buy a ES and then complain that it is not sporty enough. Everyone knows that an ES is not sporty it's luxury. Sure some people may make them look sporty, but they are still luxury.
  12. 93lexuses

    Luv Ya'

    This site is great and everyone here is so nice. I am very glad that i found this site. I might not write a lot, but i sure do a lot of reading and i get a lot of help. SEARCH is great! I thank you too! ;)
  13. And yet Pennsylvania uses it all the time. We have white lines painted all over our roads.
  14. I agree the more i look at it the more i like it. At first i was not sure if i liked the oval dash or not, but the more i looked at it the more i liked it. ;) I really like the start and stop button. I love the body style. I like the roof a lot. I think that it is great that the people in the back seat can see out the sunroof. My son loves to look out the sunroof so that is a plus imo. I think that black would be great on this car.
  15. Well if that is true then i have to agree with everything you said.
  16. I noticed that about the chrome as well. You know you could be right about the angle of the pictures. I think that it will look better in person. You know, i was thinking that we are looking at sneak pictures. For all we know it could not be done yet.
  17. I agree with blake 42 is to young to go. I too am sorry for your loss. My condolences go out to his friends and family.
  18. Well thats no fun at all... makes no difference, they still come down the hall ;) And it was a false alarm, i just have to get my own internet connection in the next month, my old roomate decided to leave this connection on for another month. Well at least you have a month to get it. That should be enough time.
  19. I like your T Shirt, but my sister would really love it. Dale Sr. was her favorite. My sister has a shrine of Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. :o LOL When she cleans she has to take a day all it's own to do her bedroom cause that is where everything is. I don't think that she even needed to have her bedroom painted cause you can't see the walls. LOL :D
  20. Jill! long time no see! how are things? I will recover, took my first steps on crutches on friday. YAY! hey what part of Penn. are you in? im in Northern NY. up for a meet? Everything is good here. I sure am glad that you are moving along. I'm in Pittsburgh. When did you get to NY? i got here on oct. 3rd, 05. im deploying august 1st 06. ill be in the middlesex NJ area in a few weeks, u anywhere near there? We are pretty far from NY. It is driving distance, but still far. I am not that close to NJ either, Closer then NY, but still not that close. It is about a 8 or 9 hour drive to NY and about a 6 or 7 hour drive to NJ.
  21. Jill! long time no see! how are things? I will recover, took my first steps on crutches on friday. YAY! hey what part of Penn. are you in? im in Northern NY. up for a meet? Everything is good here. I sure am glad that you are moving along. I'm in Pittsburgh. When did you get to NY?
  22. Man Josh, I sure am glad that you are OK. I hope that you get better real soon.
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