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Lx450 Spoiler - Where Can I Buy ?


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All, I am now the new owner of a 1997 LX450. Looks gorgeous - doesn't have a spoiler though. Any ideas where I can find one? I searched ebay and the web, but didn't get any leads. Not sure if this is called a "spoiler", the ones I see on other LX450s or LCs don't look like typical spoilers we see on cars, but they look more like a wide "sun shade". If anyone can point me to where I may find one of these, that will be great!


ps. For the folks who recall that I was looking for a LX450 (via another recent thread), well, I bought it and it looks good ! I'm sure I will be frequenting this forum more as I get to use this vehicle more!

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1st of all congrats for the new ride & u made right choose :cheers:

Also welcome to Club :)

but u just missed Autostart, i just sold mine:


I heard Toyota & Lex stop makin those ~ not available anymore thou :(

Check it, i just got LX spoiler from overseas and im so excited (primer & paint) cant wait to get it on. And im the only guy has that spoiler in the state :)

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They're nice and do work in keeping the dust off the back window, but if it were me, I'd leave it off and be happy I didn't have one.

You'd need to drill several holes in your roof to attach the thing and IMHO, holes drilled into roofs are not necessarily a good thing.

FWIW, mine doesn't have it. The wife's 450 does.

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