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Finally Installed My Re-coned Nakamichis.


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Well, I finally installed my re-coned Nakamichis and I have to say they dont sound all that great. My back seat is out of the car at the moment and I'm hoping that's what is causing the poor sound quality. I mean they sound good. Just not as good as I was expecting. The richness is lacking. I had too much of a treble sound with the Kenwood 2-ways I had installed, but these almost sound too flat. I sure hope that back seat is a key part of the acoustics. We'll see.

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I sure hope that back seat is a key part of the acoustics

It is. I had my back seat out for a couple days when puting in my new sub and everything sounded TERRIBLE....very hollow and empty.

The back seats help to focus and sharpen the sound by absorbing some of the stray sound waves, and filtering out road noise.

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Well I just had my new leather kit installed and WOW!! The re-coned Nakamichis are sounding sweet. That rear seat has everything to do with the acoustics. So it looks like the re-coning can be a good deal. If anyone wants their speakers repaired, this guy really knows what he's doing and he is in high demand. I had to wait a while, but well worth having the orginal system back and sounding like it was intended to. As for the leather kit, I'll be posting some interior pics soon. It was purchased from www.leatherseats.com Came out a little different than the factory style but it's nice.

Allen Speaker Reconing

919 W 19th St (The Heights)

Houston, TX 77008


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