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Emission Test Again


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flash back: my ls400 is 94K miles, just finished changing timing belt kit, changed catalytic converters, just did a tune up, which the lazy tech. just change 8 spark plug, nothing else.

Then I took it to the emission test again, and it faile again.

I changed the catalytic converters. Most of you guys were right. My cat. converters were bad. I changed those and it fixed the NOx.

the problem i have now is the HC, CO rise real high and the NOx dropped real low.

what is the problem? what should I do to fix this? :unsure:


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You only changed the spark plugs and nothing else at all for the tune-up? Can you scan your test results again so I could see them? How does your car run after the timing belt change? Does it idle rough? Has the air filter been replaced?

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